We are a Safety oriented Company. We are committed to employee education and a strict adherence to safety policies that exceed governmental requirements. Underground Construction is proud of our unmatched safety record within our industry.

Many years ago, Genesis Communications adopted an aggressive approach to safety. This meant recognizing and rewarding acceptable (through incentives) and punishing unacceptable safety behavior. Drug testing programs were developed and implemented. New hire safety orientations were adopted. Compliance initial and refresher training was implemented. And because safety and productivity compliment each other, task training was formalized and made an integral part of employee development. 

Safety goes beyond personal injury. Respect for property is also a part of an effective safety program. We have worked hard to ensure maximum protection of air and underground structures and our employees’ safety. We have adopted more stringent methods of locating utilities to account for installation anomalies. We provide our staff with the following Training and Skills:

•New Hire Orientation and Employee Manual

•First Aid/CPR 

•Competent Person (Excavations) 

•Fall Protection 

•Confined Space •Live Electrical Systems 

•Workzone Flagger 

•Lead Awareness 

•Asbestos Awareness 


•Forklift Operator 

•Bobtail Truck Orientation

•Supervisor Drug Awareness 

•Controlled Access Zone 

•Defensive Driving 

•Directional Drilling 

•Heat Stress 

•Natural Gas 

•Storm water control 


•OSHA 10 

•OSHA 30 

Credibility Review

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